2011 Spring results

Subject Code Subject Name Mark Result Points Gained 31244 Applications Programming 89 High Distinction 6 31269 Business Requirements Modelling 68 Credit 6 31270 Networking Essentials 79 Distinction 6 31271 Database Fundamentals 66 Credit 6 I am extremely happy with my Networking Essentials results. :D Pretty sad with my Database Fundamentals mark, but I hope that's … Continue reading 2011 Spring results


Reinstalling Windows 64-bits

I planned to reformat the C drives of both of my computers and reinstall Windows on them during summer break, but I kept on procrastinating on it. That is, until I went on Windows Update and installed some updates; my Samsung notebook seemed to get all funky whenever I try to download/upload huge files. Or … Continue reading Reinstalling Windows 64-bits

Studying PHP = Success!

Exams are long gone, the Japanese assessment is long done and next semester looks busier than ever. I got sorted into level 3; I was hoping for level 2 so I can continue in Spring. Because all odd numbered levelled subjects for this language are held in Autumn whilst the even ones are held in … Continue reading Studying PHP = Success!