Studying PHP = Success!

Exams are long gone, the Japanese assessment is long done and next semester looks busier than ever. I got sorted into level 3; I was hoping for level 2 so I can continue in Spring. Because all odd numbered levelled subjects for this language are held in Autumn whilst the even ones are held in Spring, so … I gotta replace a 6 credit subject (Web Services Development) with this 8 credit subject for next semester. 16 hours of recommended study each week instead of the 8 I was expecting for ONE subject. やだああ――――!!Which reminds me why I didn’t look for a summer job this year: I want to sneak in some good time reserved for gaming and other hobbies whilst I study, revise and procrastinate for the next semester. Since I can see myself not having enough time for that next summer. :(

I’ve been doing some PHP this past week, and finally started on this app called Pcmnet over at ProgClub. It’s been loads of fun, and learnt quite a lot which sped up the process of this PHP self-studying … thing. Well, my vernacular seems to be dying….

Looks like I’ll be poring over some JavaScript soon though. I do remember bookmarking a lovely blog that had a bunch of articles in how to sort columns of a table … found it! Will go back to check those later.

A week or two ago, I also learnt how to use Markdown, a text-to-HTML-filter, and have been slowly re-jotting notes with it so I can upload it online with the help of pancake and dropbox. It’s a shame Markdown‘s table syntax is pretty much, uh, inefficient for me. I just end up using HTML tags for my data to be displayed correctly. Le sigh. reStructuredText‘s simple table syntax looks simpler…though I don’t like how I do headings in it. I prefer atx‘s headings over setext‘s (which is what reStructuredText only uses) since there are several varied-sized headings possible with atx, compared to only two for setext.

All code talk aside, it’s the weekends and the Digimon MMO I’m on is having 300% exp on those two days. So I’m going to take a break from code for a while. :B


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