2012 Autumn Results

Subject Code Subject Name Mark Result Points Gained
31251 Data Structures and Algorithms [Hidden] Pass 6
31253 Database Programming [Hidden] Pass 6
31260 Interface Design 89 High Distinction 6
97203 Japanese Language and Culture 3 70 Credit 8

*Ahem* Um, yes, I haven’t been doing so well with computer languages this semester. It was more of my lack of time management than anything else; I only started scheduling study sessions in my calendar somewhere in the latter half of the semester. Overall, though, it’s a credit average. :)

Recently reformatted my desktop computer because it was getting so laggy and my files were unorganised. Going to be messing around with C# and ASP.NET in the last couple of weeks left of break. There’s a 12 credit points subject I’m doing next semester that deals with those two languages along with several team members, and an amazing restraint not to strangle anybody.

In the meantime, I’ve been steadily going through Power Searching with Google. I heard they’ve closed registration on the 16th of July in UTC-8:00, but it seems the registration page is still up after logging on to your Google account. For the course structure, check out what I see when I go to that above link.

The first class deals with images and colour filtering. It’s a damn useful feature for graphic work. It can be pretty challenging finding a picture that complements with the colour palette you’re using for a webpage or poster.

Aaand that’s about it. Time to go off and catch up with stuff I was supposed to do hours ago. Eep! I slept waaay too early tonight.


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