10 Week Mass Building program

Today is the day I stop the Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (P.H.U.L.) program and start the 10 Week Mass Building program.

It’s for Advanced lifters, also with 4 gym sessions a week. I gotta change my diet to have more protein and carbs intake too.

Again, there are several alternative exercises I put in:

  • Replaced “Dumbbell Flys” with “Cable Cross-over” as the former may tear a chest muscle in the future.
  • Using the rope attachment for the “Tricep Extension” as it increased my range of motion (ROM) and the former was hurting my elbows. Also did it with one arm instead of two arms this time for more intensity. Lesser weights had to be used tho of course.
  • Replaced “Tricep Dip” with “Skullcrusher” but with greater ROM and time under tension.
  • Replaced “Chin up” with “Pull up” as I wanted to engage the lats more as there are already four (!) bicep exercises on that same day.
  • Did “Machine Shoulder Press” for the first few weeks but then ditched it as it was making my elbows hurt. Doing more “Military Press” AKA Overhead Press which would engage the core and butt more.
  • Replaced “Dumbbell Lateral Raise” with “Front Hammer-Style Raises” as that would work more in having 3D shoulders. Also, the muscles that the former tries to target is already fatigued by “Dumbbell Reverse Fly”.
  • Used dumbbells for “Upright Rows” as I don’t want to do a shoulder impingement test with each rep if they were done with the straight barbell.
  • For the forearms, I do palm-down and palm-up wrist curls. For palm-up, I use dumbbells. For palm-down, I use a straight barbell. The arrangement suits my body structure. My gym buddy uses the straight barbell for both exercises.
  • Replaced “Leg Curl” and “Leg Extension” with “Two-Arm Kettlebell Swings” and “Dumbbell Lunges” as the first two exercises would kill my knees. Leg extensions are also mentioned in the video, where I mentioned about shoulder impingement tests, to be one of the worst exercises due to their high risk of knee injury.

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