FFTCG Opus 3 Pre-release

On Saturday, 15th of July I went to two pre-release events for FFTCG Opus 3.

First one was at Gamezilla, where they spiced up the event by throwing a bingo game at every match. Players that get a legit bingo would win a extra Opus 3 booster pack or a foil Sephiroth promo. My friend got one bingo for being the first to win a match, but unfortunately had to pull a random draw and thus got another Sephiroth promo for her collection. Fortunately, someone wanted the foil Sephiroth so she got a nice Opus 3 Heroic or Legendary card via trade, which I cannot recall the name of right now. (It’s better if I don’t recall; I remember being a bit bitter.)

Second one was at Games Corner. No bingo here so players actually try to play well to get ranked as high as they can because the top 3 ranked players would win two to four Opus 3 booster packs compared to just one for participating. (Gamezilla wasn’t giving out extra booster packs for top ranked players).

I didn’t come in the top 3, but I did come out 9th out of 32 participants! (A few players did drop out as soon as they got their starting packs but wooo, 9th!)

(I did come 8th out of 26th in one event but at the more recent event I won a match against the Supreme Champion at the older event so the recent event is more noteworthy.)

I would like to thank the Imaginary Brawler and Sky Pirate Replica for appearing in my pulls.


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