Upgraded to iOS 11.1.2

I heard there was a big security risk that has been patched in 11.1.2 so I finally upgraded from iOS 10 to 11. I didn't expect I would love the design changes so much. Here's what the menu looks when I swipe from the bottom up now in portrait orientation. The 'meters' for brightness and … Continue reading Upgraded to iOS 11.1.2


Broke my deadlift PR again

My gym buddy and I are aiming to do 1 rep max (1RM) workouts for squats, deadlifts and bench press on a monthly basis. Today was the day for squats and deadlifts. I squatted 1.18% of my body weight, and deadlifted 1.27% of my body weight. Several months ago I was consistently squatting more weight … Continue reading Broke my deadlift PR again