Work for 2018

Since September this year, I have been working for Cash Services Australia that is now known as Prosegur. Projects are related to managing cash services for small entities like gyms and pubs, or large entities like the Big Four banks in Australia. The team is down-to-earth, some of them are gamers like me, and communication is great. I get to tinker with AngularJS and I learnt quite a bit about Chrome’s Developer Tools as I get to finally do web development full-time while being paid.

UTS ProgSoc recently ran an AGM. I got elected as Vice-President again, but for 2018, and I’m excited to see what this new Executive team can bring! Communication is building up and we’re going to have our first face-to-face meeting (AGM excluded) soon. I already know the President (Brenton Smith) and CSO (Chris Deigan), so I’d like to build up a rapport with the Secretary (Alejandro Munoz) and Treasurer (Sebastian Southern). As Chris and I are alumni and Brenton will graduate at the end of his office, I hope Alex and Seb will stay in the Executive team for 2019. I have hopes that ProgSoc will keep running for many years to come.

I’m applying for a Software Developer role for SMASH! Sydney and currently in the middle stage of the application process. I have high hopes that I’d get it. There were 6 spots available and now 3 spots are left! I already know the IT Director and one of the three Software Developers in the team; I seem to have more and more existing rapport with a team I’ll be working with for each new job I take.

Let’s hope I get my priorities right and my teams and I succeed from now until the end of 2018!


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