My colleague told me he’s learning Japanese on Duolingo, which surprised me because a few years back when I had checked Duolingo out, Japanese wasn’t an option but was being worked on by dozens of volunteers.

I checked Duolingo out yesterday, and lo and behold, Japanese is available – in beta.

But I got distracted by the Vietnamese option, which was definitely not there a few years ago too. So I tried that out, and tried the placement test.

As you can see, my writing and reading needs a bit of working on. I was so close!!

Tamarind = me

Sesame = mè

Side note: Mum = mẹ/má

Intonation is important in Vietnamese.

As I progressed, I realised that I’m gonna have a bit of trouble with the Nortern dialect being used in the Vietnamese course. You see, I use the Southern dialect and I don’t see myself ever needing the Northern dialect any time soon.

So I stopped after trying to skip this question because the term was incomprehensible to my ears.

My family and friends call an umbrella as cây dù.

I decided to give Japanese a go again. I managed to finish the placement test but … the lessons were too basic for me. It would be good if I had tried this several years ago, but it’s time for me to really hit on those Japanese textbooks that I have been procrastinating on, Japanese textbooks where even the questions are also in Japanese.



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