Broke my deadlift personal record (PR)



​I broke my personal record in deadlifts a few weeks ago: 5 reps of deadlifting my body weight. My form still needs working on, as there’s a slight curve of my back; need to brace better.

However it took months to reach this milestone, mostly because my forearms would give away a few sets in.

Enter the hook grip.

Hook Grip, explained by Omar Isuf
The usual Olympic barbell was too thick for me to properly do the hook grip so I switched to a barbell that was branded as Valkyrie, which was thinner.

And then bam! Broke my personal record and moving up since.

I’m back to using the double overhanded grip to keep on working the forearms as I skip forearm exercises the most, but I’m still deadlifting my body weight and more so I’m pleased.

So I think I managed to convince myself mentally that I could do it, really.


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