Broke my deadlift PR again

My gym buddy and I are aiming to do 1 rep max (1RM) workouts for squats, deadlifts and bench press on a monthly basis.

Today was the day for squats and deadlifts.

I squatted 1.18% of my body weight, and deadlifted 1.27% of my body weight. Several months ago I was consistently squatting more weight than the weights I’d use for deadlifts and I was pretty frustrated about it as normally one could deadlift more weight than the weight for squats.

After I watched a few deadlift videos on form (1, 2), and I did a few deadlift workouts with a thinner bar and with the hook grip, I realised it was my technique and mentality that was holding me back.

Watch me go at breaking my deadlift PR! And I think it’s about time I used a belt…

1: How To Brace Properly For Strength & Activation (You’re Probably Doing It Wrong)

2: How Low Should Your Hips Be In The Deadlift?


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