Upgraded to iOS 11.1.2

I heard there was a big security risk that has been patched in 11.1.2 so I finally upgraded from iOS 10 to 11.

I didn’t expect I would love the design changes so much.

Here’s what the menu looks when I swipe from the bottom up now in portrait orientation.

The ‘meters’ for brightness and volume feels much more natural, and the merging of the general menu and the music menu has now lessened the risk of me accidentally raising the volume up to max when I was intending to raise the brightness level to max. Yassss.

I didn’t think it was possible to merge the two menus into one, what with the limited real estate but the buttons are still recognisable.

And if I want to adjust the timing of the song, I can long press the music block to expand it and show me the usual options.

Here’s what the main menu looks like on landscape orientation.

Now one of the cons: Spotlight search seems to be merged with Siri Suggestions & Lookup; I cannot find ‘Spotlight Search’ in my Settings anymore.

Most of the time I’d swipe down, type a few letters of the app I want to open, and then tap at the top hit app result because fuzzy search in Spotlight is awesome.

Now I have to type the whole app name in the now named Siri & Search for the app to appear as a result. For example, I want to search up my Weatherzone+ app but I don’t want to type out the whole name!


To get around this I have to go to my Settings, then Siri & Search, scroll through the list of apps for Weatherzone+ and make sure Search & Siri Suggestions is toggled on for it.

I had toggled it off before the iOS 11 upgrade because I also use Spotlight to open up the Music app, and I don’t want my Spotlight results to include the songs I have on the Music app. I just want the Music app itself to be the result.

Now in order for me to open up the Music app via the currently labelled ‘Siri & Search’, I have to toggle on ‘Search & Siri Suggestions’ for Music and every other particular app I like to look up for. Because I like to have a limited number of shortcuts on my homepage.

What’s the use of a wallpaper if it’s all covered by shortcuts?


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