Broke my PR in number of pull ups in a year

I joined Fitocracy, a social media platform for people who exercise and/or weight-lift. Groups can create challenges that have:

  • a goal such as most number of repetitions of a particular workout, or heaviest repetition of a particular workout (e.g. squats or benchpress with the wilks calculator)
  • entrants (i.e. people who have joined the group and accepted the group’s challenge)
  • a starting date and ending date

I joined a group that had a challenge on who can do the most (assisted/weighted) pull-ups and chin-ups between the 1st of Jan, 2017 to the 31st of Dec, 2017 inclusive.

I did 562 and got ranked 12 out of 34 entrants! Never thought I’d do that many in a year! Going to the join the 2018 challenge now!



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