BCAAs are hydrophobic and taste bad

Huh. I didn't know that some types of amino acids are hydrophobic and there are some (like Glutamine) that are not. Good to know the BCAAs I have are pure as they're hard to mix with water and taste pretty bad due to the acidity. I always have to add some flavoured electrolytes powder to hide the … Continue reading BCAAs are hydrophobic and taste bad


Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (P.H.U.L.) program

Today is the day I start the Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (P.H.U.L.) program. It’s for Intermediate lifters and you gotta schedule in 4 gym sessions a week. Yup, the gym as I don’t have barbells nor cable machines at home. Working out in the same space as other lifters brings me into that relevant mindset … Continue reading Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (P.H.U.L.) program