Broke my deadlift personal record (PR)

​​​​   ​I broke my personal record in deadlifts a few weeks ago: 5 reps of deadlifting my body weight. My form still needs working on, as there's a slight curve of my back; need to brace better. However it took months to reach this milestone, mostly because my forearms would give away a few … Continue reading Broke my deadlift personal record (PR)


BCAAs are hydrophobic and taste bad

Huh. I didn't know that some types of amino acids are hydrophobic and there are some (like Glutamine) that are not. Good to know the BCAAs I have are pure as they're hard to mix with water and taste pretty bad due to the acidity. I always have to add some flavoured electrolytes powder to hide the … Continue reading BCAAs are hydrophobic and taste bad

2012 Autumn Results

Subject Code Subject Name Mark Result Points Gained 31251 Data Structures and Algorithms [Hidden] Pass 6 31253 Database Programming [Hidden] Pass 6 31260 Interface Design 89 High Distinction 6 97203 Japanese Language and Culture 3 70 Credit 8 *Ahem* Um, yes, I haven't been doing so well with computer languages this semester. It was more … Continue reading 2012 Autumn Results