Python hat was on

I'm now up to exercise 12 in LPTHW. Been doing an exercise or two each day whenever I'm not rehearsing or performing for PYT's Hero Project last week. Then I took a break and lost my personal record breaking streak. D: I now understand what people mean by how Python is 'clean' when compared to … Continue reading Python hat was on


Github familiarisation!

The first time I used Github and Git(Tortoise), I was doing a team project during my diploma of software development. We didn't know how to merge, so we would always clone repos and manually paste our new code into existing ones by looking at the changes history. Which was bad; one of us would overlook … Continue reading Github familiarisation!

System.out.println(“Hello wordpress!”);

Attended two U:PASS sessions for Database Fundamentals today. Learnt quite a lot in regard to keys and the rules in maintaining referential integrity of a database. It's pretty awesome to know the terms to the concepts I previously studied in TAFE via the hands-on method; it makes the peer-to-peer (this sounds like networking now...) sharing … Continue reading System.out.println(“Hello wordpress!”);